Red Page to play @ the fifth annual TG FEST!!


Dark rock productions, as they did the last four of five years, will host the annual musical tribute to the dutch rock band The Gathering in Mexico City on Friday, November the 13th, 2009.

Red Page was invited to play there some songs of one of the most influential metal bands ever! It seems like the other guest band will be an ensemble of talented musicians called Forgotten Beauty ; making a great combo for such a night! It should start at 21:00 local time.

We will keep you informed, and lets begin with the singer for the band whenever we play in Mexico and if Larisa Shelest is not nearby 🙂 We will have the great voice of Michéle Ávila; former singer of mexican goth metal band Melandrolia. Michéle and me attended to the same art school when we were younger, and now it will be very exciting to finally work together.

The rest of the band is formed by my long-term friend Edgar Lovi (Keys), the great Rodrigo Díaz (drums), and the technical Marlon Antonio (Bass guitar), both of this guys play also in their own progressive metal band named Iwokha.


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