Selecting process

Hi there everyone!

After such an important amount of musical ideas and some finished songs in their primary form, the selecting process of the whole album mechanics is just begining. Right now we are selecting the songs that will finally configure the final set list of the debut album which name will be “Beyond the black” as well as the singers involved.

Involved I said, because they have total freedom to take the music wherever they feel to, thats why I choose people who I feel have the music inside. It will be some surprises that I will let you all now at its proper time regarding the core of singers.

It will be a multi-singers first work, and as I said before, it makes it more difficult but also very interesting musically speaking and so the challenge is worth it! This time, no names will be revealed until we are completely sure of the final line up in every face of the project.

So, right now we are recruiting our final staff! Stay tuned for more news as the project develops trouhgout the year!

-Daniel Mærtin.


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