Alis Heded: Vocals

Alis Heded

Name: Alis Heded Loza
Country: México

Alis started her singing career when she was 5 years old, taking singing lessons for three years. By 2003 she started her front woman experience as she was the lead singer of the alternative rock band “Zéjel” until 2006.

She continued studying music and she mastered the opera singing style, when she was 18 years old, she used to sing arias for some cultural festivals as she became a professional opera singer.

By 2010, she started her bachelor degree studies specialized in gregorian chants at the Guadalajara´s Sacred Music School while she also performed with a melodic metal rock band named “Opera noir”, what she did until 2012.

Now she is a vocal teacher and a well respected opera and sacred music singer in Jalisco, but of course a rock band is always present; thats why she is part of the “Abyss of time” melodic folk metal project as vocalist and composer, area in which she has developed as well.

Miss Heded is a musical culture enthusiastic, as she organizes cultural events all around her state.

She is young, proud and sensitive when she is under her musical trance, and her passionate style caught me inmediatelyDanny said once about her, and thus far, as he required an opera style powerfull singer, she has been a perfect fit.

As for being part of the Red Page project, this is what Alis tells us all:

I think Red Page is a new, fresh and innovative project and well, Daniel is an excellent musician and I can see it has a bright future ahead.

I feel honoured for being part of this project.


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