Bhetzy Velvet: Vocals


Name: Bhetzy Velvet
Country: Mexico

Bhetzy was born on february 22nd, 1982 in Mexico City. She caught the eye from very small, performing for different estudiantinas and mariachis bands.

In order to pay her studies and feed her two children, she started to sing in the Subway & in local small markets with her amplifier, cover music and a microphone. Later on, she studied dancing and acting at the CCA and a pair of years later, when finishing the college degree she started her bachelor one on Performing Arts at the CNA (National Center of Arts) but her singing passion was urgent, so she started to look up for singing opportunities with rock bands as she wrote rock and blues songs, that later would give birth to the “AeroSoul” project.

Playing in very different stages such as TNT, Six Flags, Palenques, CableCom, mexiquense TV, among others. Recording for the “Denver” record company the numbers of AeroSoul, her songs were broadcasted trought Radio Kaos and Radio Zapote (internet radio stations) as well as Exa F.M. inside a new bands votation.

With her natural gift, she searched people specialized on the voice in order of keeping the voice healthy. Thats how she met Dr. Karina Rocha (her phoniatrician) and John de Loza Meruvia (Producer).

Music and animals are her passion, “the voice of the voiceless”, that’s how people sees Bhetzy , for defending the rights of the most defenseless beings: the animals, and when presented with the opportunity to combine these two loves she don´t hesitate. Extroverted, enigmatic, rebellious, honest, are defining characteristics for Bhetzy Velvet.

Her mental strength and determination have helped her to reach each of her goals to this day, keeping in mind her unique charisma that enchants more than one with the strength of her performances on stage and her powerfull voice. Her flag: “ respect “, her motto: “ nothing stops me“.

As soon as Daniel interviewed her for the guest singer spot, her willingness and commitment were obvious as well as her desire for doing great rock music. But it was her impressive vocal range what defined her participation in this project, as Daniel was looking for a mexican singer who could be capable of carry the load for possible live shows within the country.

“Bhetzy just impacted my senses when I heard her singing classic rock, she has a powerful voice filled up with contrasts and with a highlighted technical handling, very hard to find overall in our land; it is a true pleasure to have her in Red Page and surely yuo will enjoy the power of her voice live and loud.” -D. Heksolson.

About her invitation to Red Page, Bhetzy tells us all:

I feel blessed for being collaborating with such a real project, so professional but first of all, with musicians who, love music as much as me, the one that goes beyond the sounds, beyond a good music score, beyond any word, beyond


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