Mavi Solano: Vocals


Name: Mavi Solano
Country: Spain

Mavi is a singer from Malaga, Spain who also works as a group coordinator for a spanish-for-foreign-people school. She is the vocalist for the Overdub progressive rock band.

From a very young age, she dreamt with being on stage as a part of an important band; then she follow that path and were singing in different bands as Shawen and Mercy, performing various styles until she finally landed as the main singer for Overdub where she feels satisfied.

Willing to collaborate with other bands and side projects, she has participated with Overdub and Danny Heksolson himself, as well as with some other musicians for the Cycling Colours tribute to The Gathering albums, because this Dutch band is one of her favourites. She is also influenced by Craig Armstrong, Bruce Dickinson or Dream Theater.

Danny met her in Madrid back then in 2003, at a The Gathering concert, and Mavi and Curro -the Overdub guitar player and composer as well as Mavi´s couple- gave him their first demo cd.

“When I first heard her singing those nice progressive tunes, I became addicted to her unique voice that is perfect for sound experimentation; the years passed by and from the beggining of my project she has been in my mind to be one of my guests, this is finally happening and I think she is now a more mature singer” -D. Heksolson.


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