Simone Alves: Vocals


Name: Simone Alves
Country: Portugal / France / Turkey

She is from a portuguese migrant family and was raised in France. From a very young age she had a great interest and passion for popular crafts and arts: music, dances, popular tales; as well as for minority languages. As a teenager she attended many art classes, but she was already attracted by music and singing.

In 1996, at the fest-noz (traditionnal Breton ball-room) she heard for the first time the fascinating voice of Erik Marchand, and after many workshops with other Breton singers as well as self-practice, she became her student. By 2003, Simone started her professional career performing solo -a Capella- or fronting local bands, then within meaningful projects like Kreiz Breizh Akademi. She also learned the Breton language in the meantime.

Her late project, The Astrakan Project, is a way to explore more vocal techniques and styles, like polyphony, as well as improvisation.

“This was musical love at the first sight, as soon as I heard her voice singing with her marvelous Astrakan project, I started to figure out a song for her; she has this authentic oriental musicality that have always fascinated me”D. Heksolson.

As for being part of the Red Page project, this is what Simone tells us all:

Generally speaking, I love collaborations. When I heard Daniel’s proposal for an “oriental” like tune, I thought that together with my own vision of orientalism, it could lead us to something unexpected.

I also just loved the name of the album “Beyond the black”, I like dark and melancholic sounds…

I feel honoured and excited to find out what is beyond!


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