Daniel plugged again!

Danny Heksolson, Kar LóPrec e Iván Madrid. Foto: A.Ortíz.

Danny Heksolson, Kar LóPrec e Iván Madrid. Foto: A.Ortíz.

As the music is developed slowly, Danny Heksolson got an exciting trip both on the road and on the scene when playing at the Railroad Cultural Centre in Pachuca City, Hidalgo along with her colleague and friend, singer Kar Lóprec who invited him as an emergency guitarist for her FOECAH scolarship performance: “The answers comes in dreams” playing as well besides Iván Madrid, keyboardist and DJ.

As strange as it is to see Danny performing live, this was a very bizarre but rich experience, since it was about free improvisation, something which Danny did already with some norwegian artists before. “That was the part that captured my senses, the way Kar improvises all along the sound landscape and beyond, it has been a pleasure”.

Kar Lóprec and Danny met back there in 2010, when they were at the Arts Institute up there in Real del Monte Hidalgo a branch of the UAEH, and ever since, they wanted to play together. She invited him for the annual Bjørk tribute, but it wasn´t possible; after a while, he invited her for singing a couple of demos for Red Page like a year ago but then again, it was hard to work together. Opportunity came the last week: “I just red she was doing a very interesting sound art project with the state government scolarship, and the very next morning an emergency message appeared in my inbox, asking me to join her, it was just destiny!”

Now, after a week from the official Red Page guest singers announcement, the guitarist forsees the possible impact this experience -that will be sustained- will have on the development of his own music: “It is like a yellow path opening in front” said Danny, adding “A world of sound possibilities”.

So, Kar, Iván and Danny will go on as he now is her guitar choice for the upcoming performances of her project which “stems from the idea of describing landscapes through a story based in real events” explained Kar.

Stay tuned for more on this and of course, be ready for the progress of the Red Page´s BTB demo recordings, in which all the involved singers are getting inspired.

UPDATE: I let you all a fragment from this trip, directly from the canal FOECAH´s Youtube channel:


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