The first part began

Many have asked what is happening, if anything, on the first pre-demo recordings, therefore I thought it was a good and interesting thing to update you all about where we are right now. So, here we go!

First of all, from the seven guest singers, are Larisa and Mavi the only ones whom I´ve worked previously with, so thats why we need to find some sort of equality in the processes, and that means letting the songs at the same level of construction with all the singers.

Since the very begining, I wanted everyone to be involved with the creation process, and thats why I´ve chosen creative artists who feel how the music takes you all along the waves. Lets say we are in that part of the recording process where all the singers are about or have received their songs from me in its primary form, (except of course the one with Larisa ShelestCaged blue girl“) so they can add new ideas enriching and making them theirs. We are there and we have no rush. That means we have no dead lines yet and we all can let the music do the talking.

Besides, we all have been very busy with activities outside Red Page and the idea is to avoid forcing things under any kind of pressure, working with our music at our own path just having in mind we want to release this album by the end of this year or the begining of the next one.

We are there now, developing slowly the songs. For how long? Lets see, the music itself will say!


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