One on one: Maly Reyes.

By: Aleyda Ortiz.

Quality is a fundamental when creating any project, and it requires time, effort and an adequate selection of those elements that will lead to its development and ultimately to its success. Red Page is a musical project that has been slowly assembled from its foundations, creating their debut album “Beyond the black” piece by piece, supported on the creative duo that Danny Heksolson forms along with every guest singer who´ll give life to it.

Everyone of them will be featured in a interviews series that we´ll be publishing for the next seven weeks, that will allow us to know about their collaboration with Red Page in a deeper way, as well as their singing careers, daily lives and their interests.

In this first chapter, Maly Reyes who certainly is one of the Ghotic Metal Queens and one of the best voices in Mexico, tells us about the moment in which she took the musical trip and chose this genre:

Imagen 2“I always had a special like for singing, and before joining Fractalia I´ve already known bands such as The Gathering, which was the first one that captured me, even though I already liked progressive rock and liked a lot Iron Maiden; but regarding gothic metal it was precisely because of The Gathering, then bands such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, etc., thanks to that I met the boys of Fractalia and made an audition for them with a song by Therion; they called me back after two weeks and since then I haven´t stopped. The gothic metal was the genre that I chose, or should i say, the genre that was given to me by destiny, and is the biggest thing that could ever happened to me. I´ve tried and tasted different genres too, as Trip hop for instance, but the gothic metal is the one that has satisfied me plenty, is in where I have been and where I will stay for a while.”

Maly Reyes is the singer from Fractalia, a well known mexican gothic metal band formed 13 years ago, yet, she has taken part in diverse collaboration projects such as Scylla, Tripnotik or now Red Page for mention some, projects that are from different rock genres, but that have been united trought her voice:

Tripnotik is a Trip hop band, it has nothing to do with the ghotic metal, and yet, my collab there was with a dark lyric; with Scylla I perform for the Therion tribute act. So, one way or another these bands get connected with the emotion and what I feel with their songs, with that emotion that awakes with the lyrics and the voice on their projects; with everything that i love to give and that fortunately I have sung, the music that I love; with that which enhance the spirits. The relationship between everyone of these collaboration projects -Including the The Gathering tributes in where I have participated-, is not in the genre but in the feeling and voice fusion, in the simplicity of the lyrics and the music”.

Red Page adds Maly to their first production, because according to Danny Heksolson: “she has this melancholic voice that adds the perfect mood for the song” so, ¿When and how arrives Red Page to Maly Reyes´s life?

“We met in 2006, when I participated in some The Gathering tribute parties, invited by a common friend: Karen Ceja. There I met Danny who is the creator of Red Page; seven years later we have this collab on its way!, I´m thrilled! and I hope the result of the song we are creating together to be great, quite pleasant for Red Page and for me”.

“Beyond the black” is the number that Maly sings in this debut Red Page album, which is as well the album title track: “This song encapsulates many of the feelings that also connect us, is like going beyond what we can see”-says Maly- “It has a lot of energy and a fantastic lyric creation; Beyond the black means something beyond of what we can be able to change. It is very representative of my life and I feel destiny contributed for that song to be mine, it is suited to what I feel and I hope to convey with my interpretation”.

Imagen 3“”Mother, singer and friend” is the way Maly Reyes captures her essence in three words; always delivering the best of each of them: “My daily life is very common: get up early, take my son to school, return to home activities, vocalize, sing a little, do my band´s stuff, the album tasks, and so takes all day; between my child’s homework and all that pertains of being a housewife, but also with activities regarding singing”. Within these routines, this extraordinary singer does not forget to listen music, there is always some good discography with her: “Fractalia´s album, one of Nightwish, Therion, and one of my collection of Iron Maiden are always with me, I soak my son with that music and fortunately my husband also likes it, we are always covered of music.”.

Imagen 4In the upcoming months, work will be a constant in the life of Maly Reyes, but is important to pause to enjoy once again the experience of motherhood:
“The next to do thing is to finish Fractalia´s most recent album, we have to finish the last part; with Red Page I have to finish this pending song for the debut album; and continue the tribute to Therion with Scylla until pregnancy allows me! After that I will rest a little without totally forget about music”.

We wish deep success to Maly, both professionally and personally, is a delight to hear her and we feel very proud to having her in this project: “Greetings to all the international readers, thanks to Red Page for the invitation, I hope you all can listen my voice in this other music, in this different dimension, that really makes me very happy”.

We let you all with one of the most representative Fractalia´s tracks: “Eternal dream”, dont forget to be aware of the following interviews “One on one”.


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