Red Page was born in 2007, although the original idea was conceived in the Karl Island (Karlsøy) up in the north of Norway back in 2004, when Daniel had taken part in the international anual festival of the island as the bass player for the Oslo based band Intergalactic Movement, and there he wrote the first track of the project entitled “Oceanic Idyll,” which was played on a jam with Finns, Swedes and Norwegian musicians who were also participating in the festival.

Time passed by and the idea was solidified. In 2007, several singers were invited by Daniel to record his compositions, among them, were the mexican Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion) and the dutch Marjan Welman (Autumn) being the ukrainian Larisa Shelest, the one with whom Daniel worked the most since the beginning of it, recording demos and covers as well as composing new music.

Now Red Page is about to record their debut album which will feature some other guest singers. To obtain the latest information on the project stay connected to this site and to our various social networks, where we’ll keep you properly informed.

The Red Page soundscape ranges from baroque music, to hard rock, to blues and to some jazz influences.Thanks for visiting!


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