“Black Idyll” single, out now for free!!

Red Page - Black Idyll (single) - cover

It has been a long time since we posted the last time, but gosh! it has been a difficult period to make these recordings possible; lots of non-musical circumstances have been going thru, but here we are, releasing a single made up from those last year´s recordings which have been an incredible learning process as a producer.

The first track is the new and final version of my instrumental baroque rock “Oceanic Idyll” which first part was composed in Norway back there in 2004 while playing the bass up north at the Karlsøy Festival 2004 with the opening act “Intergalactic Movement”; and which second part was finalized 10 years later here in Mexico City. The mix and masterization processes were a true challenge but here it is, finally!

The second track is our trademark track “Beyond the black” which represents a dark period in my life perfectly fine, it is a nihilistic progressive yet classic oriented rock featuring the vocals of the mexican goth rock singer Maly Reyes from the mexican band Fractalia, who made the final adjustments to the composition to make it hers!

The best thing is that this is kinda “sound relief” while we finish up our debut album which will include these two tracks plus another seven as well as the rest of our guest musicians and singers; you can download it for free in our Bandcamp page or maybe the Soundcloud web site will suit you best!




An old bootleg re-released!

RED PAGE TG FEST 2009 COVER1054504575782599802

Dear all:

We were remembering our The Gathering´s covers in our facebook page, so after three years here you have the official bootleg for our live Mexico City gig at the 2009 The Gathering tribute party. Unfortunatelly, it was recorded with the video camera audio, so the quality is not that good; we had the great ocassion of having Michele Ávila, the singer from mexican metal band Melandrolia, as our singer that night!

We are giving it away totally free! You can download it complete here, and remember, keep on rockin!!


RED PAGE TG FEST 2009 REAR3229796117028079496

Fourth Cycling Colours Tribute to The Gathering album finally launched!!

It took the crew of Dark Rock Productions a long time but finally the result of months of hard work are there. The fourth The Gathering tribute album in which musicians from different countries record numbers of the dutch rock band is ready for free download and you all can visit the site now!



This time, Red Page participated with a couple of numbers: The “Shot to pieces” version recorded with the brazilian singer Tatiana Berke and the lite versions of “The Colorado Incident” sung by the ucranian singer Larisa Shelest. Both numbers are among my favs in The Gatering discography and appeared in the If_Then_Else album back there in 2001 (Also, my fav album of the dutch band).

Keep tuned to this site, soon we´ll be posting more news about the project! 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy the Tribute effort covered with great music and good musicians from all over the globe!

Third Cycling Colours Tribute to The Gathering Vol. 3 launched!

This time we couldn´t participate on it as a band, but Danny recorded a number along with singer Mavi Solano and Guitarist Curro García from spanish progressive rock band Overdub. Make sure to download this Dark Rock Productions effort that includes the hard work of many musicians from around the globe who enjoy the music of the Rock Dutch Band The Gathering, one of our favourites!

Click on the cover art to download the full album directly from the Dark Rock Productions management.

Cycling colours Vol.2 launched!

This is our first post of the new decade, and we are very pleased to announce that the tribute album to the dutch act The Gathering produced by Dark Rock Productions in which we have a number, has been launched and available for free sharing.

We were suppoused to have a couple of songs there, but for health issues our second track did not make it; surely it will be out as soon as Larisa can record her part and we´ll find the best option to offer it to you for free.

Meanwhile and hoping everything is happiness in your start of this new decade, we let you know the official Cycling Colours Vol.2 web site, where you can download the whole album for free: