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Welcome everyone to our official web site, here you´ll find all kind of information regarding our musical project!

Red Page is attempted to be more than a musical project, its a way of living, a world of colours, sensations, poetry and of course sounds, so enjoy the ride along with us!

You´ll find new music to your ears, new music made by us with all of our heart and passion! Red Page synthesizes our musical roots and personal likes in a magical way: The power of creation enhanced with worldwide participation.

You can start to surf our sections from the upper menu and be whitness of how a new musical project is made from the very beggining, having the oportunity of growing with us as you support us with your patience and preference.

So, be very welcome again and remember:


-Danny Heksolson.

You can read about the project history in our BIO section, or simply watch more videos in our YOUTUBE channel.

Web Site: Martin Duschamps.
Main photo: Enrique Moreno Ricoy.