Marike Groot: Vocals

Picture by: Oscar Anjewierden.

Picture by: Oscar Anjewierden.

Name: Marike Groot
Country: The Netherlands

Marike Groot was born and raised in the Netherlands. Until 1992 she was part of Little Mary Big, together with Jacob de Greeuw who later created Johan.

In 1992 she was asked by The Gathering to add vocals to their first album Always. After recording the cd she also joined them on stage until 1993, when she left to pursue other musical styles and activities.

She started several musical projects, among them Battle, Mae West and Wonderlust, and joined The Beatles tribute act The Weavils in 2003.

In 2012 she took part in the joyful reunion tour of the first line-up of The Gathering and performed the entire album Always on stage with them.

She is currently working as a translator and taking care of her young child. Now and then she performs translated songs for the translation workshops at the Vertalersvakschool, a Translation School in Amsterdam.

Marike is such an impressive singer, she dominates several styles and what else can I say? Simply she is part of the history of dutch rock; it is a pleasure to work with her!-D. Heksolson.

As for being part of the Red Page project, this is what Marike tells us all:

I am singing with Red Page because I was grabbed by the music, and because I am curious about working with talented people from all kinds of different countries.


Maly Reyes: Vocals


Name: Malinaly Reyes
Country: Mexico

Born in october 5th in Mexico City, she, besides of being an extraordinary singer, is a broadcaster and a professional translator.

She is the lead singer for the well-known mexican gothic metal band Fractalia, but she also enjoys working in different musical projects.

Also collaborating with other bands as a vocal coach, or just singing and writing lyrics for them, Maly shows her passion for her singing habilities since quite time ago.

Maly is a mexican metal queen for the dark scene in our country, I always had her in mind when thinking about the “Beyond the black” number; she has this melancholic voice that adds the perfect mood for the song” –D.Heksolson.

As for her participation within Red Page, this is what Maly tells us all:

Now it’s time to work with Red Page and I’m very excited to show my voice trough the beautiful music and lyrics of Danny Heksolson! Enjoy it!

A rainy day in the mid of march


It is a nice and rainy afternoon in Mexico City, as Danny Heksolson is locked up at his mini home studio with a bit of melancholia because today is the first anniversary without “Ambar”, one of his closest female cats he ever had, who passed away due to a respiratory virus exactly one year ago. He is locked up because he wants to finish the recording of a couple of accoustic demos for the upcoming Red Page debut album “Beyond the black” that need to be sent to his guests singers so they can work on them.

The selecting process has ended succesfully from about ten days ago, and now is a waiting moment so these guests officially confirm their participation on the project. At this point the project had been stuck for the years before, but today it had the feeling of really getting forward a little bit more. After noon, a few e-mails arrived to Danny´s inbox and loaded with good news. Five of the seven guests singers confirmed during the next few hours, very excited about it. This was happiness, true happiness.

Around fifteen minutes before 14:00 local time, a very awaited confirmation surprinsingly arrived, making it 6 out of 7 guest singers confirmed! This one was strongly awaited for so many reasons that Danny was so glad jumpig all around the studio. (We´ll post a further history on this when all of the singers are officially revealed).

So, maybe “Ambar” brought magic in here, maybe the music is just flowing as it should, maybe the musical ride is just beggining, but today, significant advances were reached as the project enters a different mood now! You can feel it in the air! Only one confirmation is remaining and of course that is expected to happen soon (fingers crossed). So please, stay tuned to this website, as you are truly witnessing musical history!