Lyall : Vocals -death growl-


Nombre: Lyall
Country: Mexico

She was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, México. Currently is the death growl singer for NAURUM, a death metal Jalisco´s band.

She has performed along with several musical projects playing diverse roles all around her city Guadalajara: bass player for Empire of blood, guitar player for REN, among others. One of her main habilities is the enjoyment of free music composition.

Lyall enlighted me when I listened to her band Naurum, she transmitted emotions to me inmediately with her dark growling vocals!” -Danny Heksolson.

As for being part of the Red Page project, this is what Lyall tells us all:

Such an honour to collaborate besides great performers and vocalists for the Danny Heksolson´s project. This experience will be rewarding in many ways. C´mon team! to give the best!