One on one: Bhetzy Velvet.

By: Aleyda Ortíz.

After a short pause, we are back with our interviews series called “one on one” where we go deeper into each one of the parts that form “Beyond the Black”, the first Red Page album, which everytime is closer of being out and available.

Quoting Danny Heksolson: “From the very moment I am designing the music, I imagine it with certain type of vocals already; based on that I make the selection of the probable singers that could fit into it. The music itself has asked for a voice in particular, it is a judgment matter, of being receptive to your creation; but as Red Page is a rock music project, generally I´m looking for voices that are able to sing what I believe is rock music in a more “pure” state from which it can transform into whatever required sub-genre. Bhetzy Velvet for instance, one of our guest singers, she impressed me because her voice synthetizes this whole concept: her voice seems pure rock to me.“

There is when we have to open our ears to one of the most portentous voices that this album will include: Bhetzy Velvet´s, a mexican woman interested in music since very early, who throughtout her history has done singing a way of living, her passion and the strenght that day after day makes her a very persevering person with very clear goals in life.

Bhetzy tells us: “My parents listened to music and I always said that when I grew up I would be like Donna Summer, Janis Joplin or Demis Roussos. In fact, it was with the “I feel love” song by Donna Summer when being 3, I heard it and I wanted to be a singer and then I started my early participations with estudiantina bands; soon after with mariachi bands and rock bands; as years passed by, when having no regular job I used to sing on the Subway.”

Bhetzy LiveHer musical career have not stopped since then, Bhetzy joins AeroSoul, a soul, blues, bossa nova & funk project, that no mattering its short existence, allowed her to perform on big stages and to have success for several times. Nowadays she performs at karaoke bars.

Why did you choose the Bhetzy Velvet name for your artistic activities?

“My younger daughter, named Samantha, likes to dress in velvet, she says it is soft, warm and nice. When she listened to me singing Black Velvet by Alannah Myles, she asked for the meaning of the song´s title, I answered her, then my older daughter, named Natasha suggested: -Why don´y you call yourself Bhetzy Velvet?, then Samantha replied: -“Yes mommy, that´s how your voice is: soft, warm and when I hear it, it makes me feel as if I`d touched velvet.” I liked what they suggested and how it sounded so, from there on, I am Bhetzy Velvet.”

Certainly, a velvet like soft voice but at the same time filled up with overtones and nuances, makes Bhetzy a very unique singer: “I can sing very low tones as well as high pitches. There are people who thinks I´m a contralto, other ones say mezzo and a bunch of others say I´m a soprano. You´ll have to help me find my tessitura.” -She is kidding.

Which ones are your musical influences?

“I really hear every kind of music, but I would say the mariachi music and of course rock music; this one I have sing always, as well as its predecessor, of course I´m talking about blues.”

And speaking about performing, whic musical genre do you prefer to sing?

“That which have good sense, a genuine feeling, words that come from the soul; the one in which the harmony chords and the melody notes carry you through its history. Because of those characteristics I prefer to sing the blues and the mariachi music.”

Beyond the vocal and artistic qualities of Bhetzy (not everyone can sing mariachi music), we know about her love for the animals and strong commitment to them, How do you think music can support causes for these defenseless creatures?

Imagen 3“People have a strong credibility in artists, music is transparent and people perceive that, it is a universal language, it moves hearts and beliefs, also it joins life philosophies. Singing is what I love the most in life, so I have no best way to help other than doing it with all my heart, using the tool with which the change could be achieved, in this case: music.”

Bhetzy Velvet is one of the three mexican voices that will be featured on “Beyond the black”, she was the last one in joining the project, but her participation could be vital, (we know that Danny Heksolson contemplates her as the full album live singer if the project has live shows in Mexico). But… How did Red Page arrive to Bhetzy´s life?

“Currently I sing at karaoke bars, the original music project in which I was the lead singer (“AeroSoul”) stopped for causes beyond our dessire. Then, I decided to find more opportunities to continuing my career with an original project. I contacted and interviewed with Danny Heksolson, I heard his music, I realized that he is really very straight and professional. His vibe, his clearness, convinced me that he was somebody to have trust in. So I did not hesitate in having the honour of being invited to join his Red Page project.”

The song that Bhetzy will record in the album it is called “Forever Blues”, it is just a “A-la-Heksolson” blues, which is about what we all have inoculated inside the human brain: the learned stuff.

“Speaking about blues experience, I´ve had my own singing it with my previous band, however with Red Page it is quite different, with a different energy, one very cool and attractive. I´m commited to reach beyond, to transmit and leave a part of myself in every note.”

What are the future goals for Bhetzy Velvet, her artistic and personal dreams?

VelvetI want to consolidate the original project, to create sensibility about the animal situation in Mexico, to grow up as a singer and as a person. I wish being heard by millions, that my music could be able to join people, countries, ideologies and strenghts. To keep me updated and growing up day after day; reaching different stages and leaving a smile when someone listens to my voice. To achieve a point in which I can help more to the animal wellfare causes.

Personally, I wish to raise my family with high values, make my daughters good citizens of the world, with ethics, with moral. Give them a heritage and strong bases. I wish to have a needed animal wellfare foundation and that way to be able to join my three bigest loves: family, animals and music, with the blessing of God.

That way does Bhetzy conclude, a dedicated to life woman and strongly commited to music, decided, strong, with the voice and courage required to achieve her goals.

We read each other at the following “one on one” interview, in the meantime enjoy the following performance of our beloved Bhetzy Velvet to one Gun´s N Rose´s classic number:


A rainy day in the mid of march


It is a nice and rainy afternoon in Mexico City, as Danny Heksolson is locked up at his mini home studio with a bit of melancholia because today is the first anniversary without “Ambar”, one of his closest female cats he ever had, who passed away due to a respiratory virus exactly one year ago. He is locked up because he wants to finish the recording of a couple of accoustic demos for the upcoming Red Page debut album “Beyond the black” that need to be sent to his guests singers so they can work on them.

The selecting process has ended succesfully from about ten days ago, and now is a waiting moment so these guests officially confirm their participation on the project. At this point the project had been stuck for the years before, but today it had the feeling of really getting forward a little bit more. After noon, a few e-mails arrived to Danny´s inbox and loaded with good news. Five of the seven guests singers confirmed during the next few hours, very excited about it. This was happiness, true happiness.

Around fifteen minutes before 14:00 local time, a very awaited confirmation surprinsingly arrived, making it 6 out of 7 guest singers confirmed! This one was strongly awaited for so many reasons that Danny was so glad jumpig all around the studio. (We´ll post a further history on this when all of the singers are officially revealed).

So, maybe “Ambar” brought magic in here, maybe the music is just flowing as it should, maybe the musical ride is just beggining, but today, significant advances were reached as the project enters a different mood now! You can feel it in the air! Only one confirmation is remaining and of course that is expected to happen soon (fingers crossed). So please, stay tuned to this website, as you are truly witnessing musical history!

Fourth Cycling Colours Tribute to The Gathering album finally launched!!

It took the crew of Dark Rock Productions a long time but finally the result of months of hard work are there. The fourth The Gathering tribute album in which musicians from different countries record numbers of the dutch rock band is ready for free download and you all can visit the site now!



This time, Red Page participated with a couple of numbers: The “Shot to pieces” version recorded with the brazilian singer Tatiana Berke and the lite versions of “The Colorado Incident” sung by the ucranian singer Larisa Shelest. Both numbers are among my favs in The Gatering discography and appeared in the If_Then_Else album back there in 2001 (Also, my fav album of the dutch band).

Keep tuned to this site, soon we´ll be posting more news about the project! 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy the Tribute effort covered with great music and good musicians from all over the globe!