“Beyond the black” album teaser: Oceanic Idyll.

The last couple of weeks I have been recording and mixing the very first Beyond The Black album track that surely most of you already know “Oceanic Idyll”, but this time I finally added a second part to it and here you have a small “teaser” of it with marvelous images from the place that is the source of inspiration for both the song and the project itself: The Karl island up in the north of Norway!

This is the very first mix I made this week, after recording everything the previous one, so, please enjoy it!

-D. Heksolson


A Red Page Cover

On the past few days, while our band prepares for the TG Fest, guitarist Felipe J Tapia Silva from Reynosa Mexico posted a video-cover for our nostalgic “Oceanic Idyll” song!

Thanks a lot Felipe and KEEP ON ROCKIN! We are very glad to feel the ride is rolling 🙂