Prospected track list

After almost twenty days of no-posting we still under a waiting period in the “first accoustic pre-demo” making due to the natural difficulties of this kind of project. But the important thing is that we are working every day a little on it as we wait for some of our selected guest singers to have a proper time and space to develop their parts.

So, if this is becoming again slow is because of the difficulties of working mainly “on-line” with different singers and musicians who are in quite different geographical places, even though we are narrowing the possible delays as much as we can, it simply takes time, so please my friends be patient! 🙂

As for now, we only have a pre-view of the album track list, that I will share with you all as it is right now, please note that there are some working titles and those can be changed at the very last moment. Anyway, this was just a quick update, thanks for following us!


1. Oceanic Idyll (instrumental)
2. Strøm*
3. Beyond the black
4. Caged blue girl
5. Forever blues
6. Green graveyard*
7. Will to deny*
8. Europe*
9. L´est*

*Working Titles