Larisa Shelest: Vocals

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Name: Larisa Shelest
Country: Ukraine

Born in Belarus, USSR on 24th of August of 1988, she left for the Ukraine in 1994. When she was 5, she started to take piano lessons and after some years, she took singing lessons. Then, she participated in singing contests being 14 years old.

After a while, she was the lead singer of jazz orchestra “Quite A Band”, pop rock band “Aquatorija”, where she composed her own songs; and was a featured artist of “The Lighthouse Party Band” covers band.

In 2012 Larisa performed on the cruise ship “Le Boreal” for half a year, sailing all around the polar world and getting true inspiration as she visited places like northern Canada, Iceland and Greenland.

A participant of many international and Ukrainian singing contests from 2003 till nowadays, a winner of various singing contests such as “Chervona Ruta” (2009), European contest of young pop-rock singers (Bulgaria, 2009), participant of Ukrainian National Selection round of well-known singing contest “New Wave” (2010), International TV festival of Music “Amberstar”, M/S Tallink Romantika, Riga-Stockholm (2009), Larisa is the most tenured Red Page singer since 2007.

“I discovered Larisa back then in 2007, and inmediately fell in love with her voice; she has a strong bluesy one blended with a very unique colour, which gives it that very special tone that she cant be confused with anyone else; to me, she is a great talent and I´m very glad to have her in the project and to see her evolve!” -D. Heksolson.

Always open for musical experiments, she is also currently cooperating with electronic musiс producers from Germany, Spain, Sweden and the USA.

As for being part of the Red Page project, this is what Larisa tells us all:

I believe in rock. Sounds hilarious? Neh… Even if I could be disappointed in rock music I still belive in a rocker mind. Me and Daniel, we still believe in the idea that the music can join people from different countries and backgrounds, which is magical.

Red Page was my first international collaboration EVER. And it is still the most confident one. It is good when you can be yourself, say what you want to say, and not to hide your rock n roll soul, not afraid to make experiments, not afraid to look funny, not afraid to look too serious, just expressing yourself. This is how I feel with this marvelous project.