Waiting for the announcement!

As it sounds, each one of our guest singers have confirmed their participation now, and we are so glad!

Our seven guest singers team is just set up and already working with a total of ten tracks for our upcoming debut album “Beyond the black” or BTB as many are already calling it.

The official announcement for the names of the singers is scheduled for the first day of April, around 7 o´clock a.m., european time.

What can I say? this is so exciting! We have a total of three mexican singers and four europeans from different cultures and countries, who surely will add the salt and pepper to our music; everyone of them provides quality and a powerfull voice, and most importantly, everyone of them loves to sing! In many of its own styles but they are all passionate about the music.

-D. Heksolson

So, please stay tuned by April the 1st, because this place is going to be on fire!